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Honey is made by healthy bee’s using the Western Australian nectar from the flowers, honey has a long history of human being consumption & it is use in different various ailments, Type of honeys are vary based on the source of nectar and session, most popular honey in Western Australia are; Karri, Red Gum, Jarrah, Yate, York Gum, Wild Flower, Marri, Tagasaste, Salmon Gum, Coral and much more.

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Successful honey production depends, among other things on a good knowledge of the plants which produce nectar.

Every apiarist needs to know which plants are of importance to honey-bees, where those plants occur, and when they flower. He also needs to know which plants produce nectar which will result in the production of good quality honey, and which produce unpalatable or unmarketable honey. To maintain the strength of his bee colonies he also needs to know which plants produce nutritious pollen.

The object of this bulletin is to provide the basic information on these subjects in the main beekeeping areas of Western Australia. The bulletin does not pretend to say everything that there is to be said on the matter as this would be quite impossible. Every year each beekeeper learns a little more about the honey flora, but no one year is exactly the same as the previous or any other year because the flowering behaviour and nectar production is dependent on that infinitely variable factor, the weather.

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Selecting a good site for your apiary can make a huge difference to honeybee health, and your hive’s honey harvest too.


All honey bees have similar traits, but through breeding, beekeepers have brought out some subtle differences in behaviour and categorized them into different breeds or races.


Our products comes from the nectar in the nature, we do the best to deliver good quality honey, so you can taste the best organic honey there is .